Sony Celebrates its 10 Years for Play Station Gaming Console with Three Free PS4 Games

As per the recent news collected from the gaming zone, this July 2020 marks the completion of 10 years with Play Station Plus on PS3 since its launch in the market. The play station services are ushered in a paid multiplayer level, and it is a monthly downloadable game for the subscribers. For celebrating the 10th anniversary, the offers of July 2020 are as strong as the last month. For example, one of the top-level games, the Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is headlining the lineup along with NBA 2K20, will be available from the 1st week of July. In addition to this, Sony is releasing a free theme on the PS store by the last week of this month, and it will host a free online multiplayer weekend, which will be starting at midnight. This would allow the user to try out an online multiplayer without a subscription.

Several Attractive Play Station Games

Regarding the Rise of the Tomb Raider game, it was initially launched as a timed-exclusive on Xbox One. With additional content, this game has come to the PS4 a year afterward as the 20th-anniversary celebration. In the reboot trilogy of crystal dynamic, it is the second game that is picked up with Lara Croft. In this part, she becomes more comfortable with her tomb-raiding adventures. The game looks attractive and striking as it takes place in a snowy Siberia. In this game, these characters are very well remembered as the strongest of the three in the series. The game Rise of the Tomb is reviewed with 8/10. Thus as per the review, the critic commented that it is hard to put down after playing through it for one year. Similar to the Xbox One, the Siberian wilderness is just as detailed and gorgeous.

Features of the Advanced Gaming Lineup 

However, to talk about the other game, it is one of the annual basketball series, NBA 2K20 is the most recent advancement. This makes it a strong addition to the lineup that is given where the users are quite a few months out from its replacement. During its launch, the NBA 2K20 received harsh criticism due to its reliance on the microtransactions and also because of how deeply the game is being permeated. However, the core of the basketball action remains as gripping as ever on the court. All these discussed games are highly attractive and adventurous of the game lovers. In July, for the PS Plus, Erica is the third offered game. This game is originally designed around the PlayLink of Sony, and this would enable the players to control games with their smartphones just similar to the game, Jackbox Party Packs. The Erica game is quite adventurous and narrative as well, and it plays more like a film with minor interaction from the player. Regardless of a haunting soundtrack to boot, it is often a gripping story for the players. Therefore for the players, all these games are quite interactive and attention-seeker.                          

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