The Best RPGs to Play If You Want A Real Challenge

Are you looking for a challenge? These RPGs will give you hours of gameplay and require lots of dedication to master.

There are many excellent games to choose from, but these are some of the best RPGs to play if you want a real challenge. All these titles have been rated as being difficult by gamers or critics, so if you’re looking for a tough but rewarding experience, then these should be just what you’re looking for!

The Best RPGs to Play If You Want A Real Challenge

We all know that RPGs can be tough, but these titles are rated as especially difficult. If you want a true RPG challenge, then these games will give you hours of gameplay and require lots of dedication to master.

The first RPG on this list is Dark Souls III, which has been described by reviewers as a punishing experience. The game has a high difficulty level and requires you to strategize carefully in order to survive combat encounters with enemies. The second title on the list is Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, which is known for being one of the most difficult games in the Etrian Odyssey series.

As with other Etrian Odyssey games, this one offers a deep and rewarding challenge with dungeon crawling and turn-based combat against enemies. The third title on this list is Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, which was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015 and released in Japan in September 2016. Players control a newly developed protagonist who must save mankind from a global apocalypse caused by a mysterious entity.

Rating System

One of the reasons why these RPGs are so tough is that they’re all rated as being difficult.

There are diverse rating systems for complications:

EASY: This game is designed to be easy and can be played by anyone.

– NORMAL: A player would need some experience with games to enjoy this one.

HARD: You’ll need some skill and patience.

VERY HARD: A seasoned gamer will appreciate this game.

– IMPOSSIBLE: This game is very challenging and should not be attempted by newbies or casual gamers.

Final Fantasy VII

One of the most difficult RPGs on this list is Final Fantasy VII. This game has been called one of the greatest games of all time by many critics, gamers, and industry professionals. The combat system is complex and requires a lot of strategies to master. However, it’s actually pretty intuitive once you get used to it. It’s also much easier than other RPGs on this list, thanks to an auto-battle option that makes it easier for newcomers to the genre.

The graphics are great for their time, and it offers an exciting storyline that will keep you hooked until completion. There are over ten hours of cutscenes in the game, so there’s plenty to watch as well as play! And if you do manage to complete this game, then it opens up new possibilities in your gameplay with bonus features like new weapons, characters, and dungeons.

Chrono Trigger

Released in 1995 and developed by Square, Chrono Trigger is a time-traveling RPG that sees the player battle against the world’s fate while exploring various periods of history. The Chrono series is a staple in the RPG world, and Chrono Trigger is one of its best installments. This game was released in 1995 for the SNES and has been lauded for its excellent gameplay, story, characters, and soundtrack since then.

There’s a lot to do in this title, including side quests that you can complete to get more items or learn more about the world of Chrono Trigger. You’ll need to master time travel if you want to complete this game with 100% completion, but it’s well worth it when you do!

Suikoden II 

Suikoden II is a role-playing video game released for the PlayStation in 2000. It is the sequel to Suikoden, and it follows the adventures of a former general who has been framed for betraying his country. The player must recruit an army from different nations to defeat a powerful empire, which takes place in a fantasy setting.

It’s a challenging game with a lengthy campaign. 

Dragon Quest VIII 

Dragon Quest VIII is a hugely popular RPG series that has been going on for over 20 years. It’s one of the most well-known RPG games, and with good reason. The storyline is amazing, the gameplay is stable, and the overall adventure is rewarding. 

Legend of Zelda 

The Legend of Zelda games is some of the best RPGs to play if you want a real challenge. The series has been around for decades now, and while newer games have changed how it’s played, the original is still one of the most challenging. The game consists of 8 quests that players must complete in order to beat the game, but they will have to do them in any order they choose.

This means that players can run into enemies or bosses that are too difficult for their current level, making it difficult to figure out where to go next. However, this is what gives it its replay value – because each quest can be done at any point in the game, there are countless ways to complete the objective.

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a brutal and unforgiving RPG that requires tremendous patience and dedication to master.

Few games demand as much as Dark Souls does. It’s not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, and it will take you time to become good enough to beat it. But the sense of satisfaction when you finally do beat it is unparalleled, so if you’re willing to put in the effort, then this one might be worth playing for you.

These RPGs are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a challenge. They might be difficult to get through, but the sense of accomplishment is always satisfying. With a challenging plot and difficult gameplay, these games will have you on your toes until the very end.

The list includes a wide variety of RPGs with a range of difficulty levels. You’ll be able to find one that fits your style and skill level, so you can enjoy an RPG that will challenge you as much as you want.

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